Why Radiant Venture?

1 : reflecting beams of light, vividly bright and shining, glowing
2 : marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness

1 : to expose to hazard
2 : to undertake the risks and dangers of : brave
3 : to offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure

Let the Journey begin.

I realized after years of searching and writing and singing, that every cry of every song amounts to one desire: to see and know and experience the brilliance of the Lord, His glory, even at the great cost of rejection by the world around me. It is a journey of risk and danger in the pursuit of a loving and marvelous God.

My songs are the reflection of a journey that began many years ago. As I continue to write and reflect, there is a deepening of my faith that is evident in my songs. The earlier songs reflect a real faith, but a shallow faith. They reflect the ups and downs of spiritual development, both highs and lows. And so I continue in the journey, choosing to share it with you in hopes that you, too, will join in the radiant venture.