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You Ways Are Not My Own, April 4, 2005
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

In times of trial I can get caught up in my own hectic ways and often need a reminder that God's ways are not my own, and in fact, may be so completely different and jarring to my daily rhythm that they catch me off guard.

V1 - You're calling me to a stronger faith
A stronger faith built upon your word
You're calling me to stand strong and endure
In the midst of trial you refine me as gold
Strengthened with each and every flame
My impurities removed in the fiery glow

CH - Your ways are not my own
These trials I must endure
Your hand is on each and every fire
Oh, Father meld me to your glory

V2 - In this stronger faith you call me to be
A holy child, purified in Truth
Set apart by your enduring Word
I know your Word, I know your grace
Though I want to run, I seek your face
So I give it up, I put my hope in You

BR - Your glory, can it be attained?
Your fire, can it be controlled?
Your mighty hand is in it all
Oh, Mighty God, I will endure

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