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We Will Go, September 16, 2006
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

Written for Laity Sunday 2006 at Sully First Reformed Church

I apologize for this recording - it's very hard on the ears. Also, imagine the 'whistle' as a violin or flute. This is the first song I've ever been asked to write for a specific occassion. I was called on a Wednesday with the idea, and by Thursday afternoon I proudly called them back and said, "I've got your song, and it's done!" I was amazed how quickly the melody and the words flowed when I sat down to work on it.

For the first time I had to write with a singing congregation in mind, and one that is used to more hymn-like structures, melodies, and rhythms. A four-part hymn sheet is available for congregational use, as well as a piano accompaniment and guitar part.

Download Hymn/Vocal Parts
Download Piano Accompaniment

We will go where e'er you call us
In your hand we will not fall
Lead our lives as you have promised
As we work across this land

We will go, we will go
Gladly Father, we will go
Trusting in your awesome presence
Gladly Father, we will go

When you call us, we will answer
Near or far, we'll follow you
In our homes or far away lands
This is what we're made to do


Guide us, teach us by your Spirit
Knowing what you say is right
Fill us with your Holy Presence
Lead us onward to the light


Walk us through the lonesome moments
Carry us in joyful song
As one Body, joined together
Fellowship both true and strong


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