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Were I the Only One, October 16, 2009
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

I wrote this after God broke through and gave me a great revelation of His love for me. The message was clear: were the rest of creation to cease to exist and no other being alive in need of redemption, His plan to send His Son would not have changed, even if I were the only one needing to be redeemed. The exchange--his son for me--would still have taken place; my worth in His eyes is that great.

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Your heart must break
when I refuse to see what you see
when I live in defeat or believe the lies.
But now I see myself
as part of the larger story
and find it is not so distant after all

Before I've turned away
from the love with which You've created me,
but now I see:

How great this foundation, how great this prize
To see myself through the Father's eyes,
Such lovingkindness, tenderness, and pride
For a daughter You long to have at Your side
Were I the only one, You'd still give Your Son.

The depths of Your love are unsearchable,
And the heights of Your love--indescribable
Your affection over me is boundless, vast, and free
You're unrelenting.

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