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Two Mothers, March 30, 2007
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

Today I was reflecting on the cycle of death and life as a new baby was born into my family and the baby of a friend died just before its expected due date. It is the mix of tension between joy and grieving I write this song for these two mothers.

This song is dedicated to the memory of Jackson David and the life of Olivia Noel.

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Two mothers cry today
How precious a life that is swept away
Blue eyes that peer on a world so bright
One set grayed by life's chances
The other in awe of all life's granted

Two mothers cry today
A mix of joy and fear and sorrow
One minute gone, another one borrowed
Breath of life and lungs expand
and the stillness of a cold, dark hand

Two mothers weep today
As life passes through their veins
As life is questioned in its pain
How a miracle, so tender, so small
Could e'er exist amidst it all

Two mothers love today
One of hopes of what is to be
One of love in memory

Two mothers cry today
Jackson David

Leah with niece, Olivia Noel

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