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This is Our God, March 12, 2005
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

God is more than just our buddy. We are to love him, yet fear him. Approach him, yet tremble in his presence. He is holy, King, Sovereign, Creator, Fortress, Strength, Stronghold, and much more. Even nature sings praise to God

Magnificent, omnipotent,
Lord of every living thing
Eternal love, eternal life,
Judge of all we lift you high
Above the earth, above all things,
Creator Lord to you we sing
Holy God, holy Lord!
Father, Spirit, and the Son,
majestic, righteous three-in-one
The King of all things;
awe, inspiring of our praise,
powerful Ancient of Days,
This is our God.

Glorious and reigning King,
you provide in everything.
O Immanent, transcendant,
Sov'reign Lord we give you praise
The rocks cry out and nature sings;
all creation shouts your praise
Holy God, holy Lord! Freed us from eternal fire,
freed from death and sinful hearts
The Saviour of all man,
Living Water to our souls,
our Fortress, Strength, and our Stronghold,
This is our God.

Holy God...

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