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The Eyes of God, March 2, 2005
Words and Music by Leah Carolan

What does God see? This song was written in 2005, but I came back to it in 2007 and recorded it again with a difference sense of meaning this time around. I'm convinced that God's heart breaks for the world. He wants to be with US. Not separated from us.

V1 - Lord, what breaks your heart when you gaze upon this earth?
Hatefulness and scorn or the evil in their hearts?
Do you see their impurities or do you see their inner doubt?
Gazing into their hearts are they trying to figure you out?

V2 - Lord, what do you see when you look upon my life?
Emptiness and pain or the sweet love of innocence?
Do you see my impurities or do you see my inner doubt?
Gazing into my heart, do you see me trying to figure you out?

CH - What do you see when you look at me?
Am I a child who longs to love you?
Or do you see this shame in me that's running from your love?
Help me be, in your infinite mercy, spotless in your sight.
For it's only by your grace, the Lamb has taken my place
in the eyes of God.

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