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Stranded, January 29, 2011
Words by Jonna Tellinghuisen; Music by Leah Carolan

This is a song my friend Jonna wrote the words for one morning. She sent them to me and I spent the day adding the melody, chords, etc. I love collaborating!

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When it feels I'm standing still
Sometimes life seems all up hill
I have faith and keep holding on
One step at a time, it won't be long
Holding Your hand, my path is straight
Leading me home, can't hardly wait.

I'm stranded, stranded and You're still with me
I'm trusting, trusting the path I cannot see.
I'm praising, praising the One who leads me home
I'm loving, loving You while I'm stranded.

He never promised an easy road
Only the help to carry the load.
Lean on Him and you'll soon find
He is all you need for the climb.
Just one small step with Him and see
How joyous life was meant to be.

While I'm stranded, stranded but You're still with me
And trusting, trusting the path I cannot not see
Still praising, praising the One who leads me home
I'm loving, loving Him while I'm stranded.

Life is much better with You in it
Can't live without You one more minute
Loving the journey with You by my side.
When life gets tough, I'll turn to face the light.
And I will stand to fight the good fight.
Embrace the One who'll lead me home.

I'm rescued, rescued and you are with me.
And I trust Your hand to guide me safely.
I'll praise You, joining in the saints' and angels' song,
"Hallelujah!" I'm right where I belong.

I've been rescued by my Savior
And I'm not stranded, no I'm not stranded.
You will lead me home.

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