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Psalm 16 (In the Night), April 28, 2011-May 19, 2011
Words and Music by Leah Carolan

Written after reflecting on Psalm 16. I was tinkering on Rick's guitar one day and a melody came to mind. So I opened up my Bible, and the first scripture I saw was Psalm 16. The lyrics fit the melody, and it just continued to develop from there. The original melody is no longer part of the final project, nor are the chords. The writing process itself went through three separate stages from a melody with guitar, to another melody and major chords on keyboard, to minor chords and a new haunting melody on guitar, and finally this final version. The Bridge section was changed last. I came up with a vamp, and the new vamp melody fit the words of the Bridge, so I changed it. I'm really learning to spend more time on each song, rather than throwing them together as fast as possible. This final version far outweighs the first one.

Preserve me, O Lord,
a refuge for my heart.
What good have I apart from your presence?
For sorrows multiply
in the man who makes his way
pouring out his life to an idol.

You are the portion of my choosing.
I drink your cup in full delight.

By quiet waters you have drawn my dwelling,
a beautiful inheritance as beloved of a King.
I seek the one who beckons in sweet counsel,
and my heart finds rest in the night.

As I make my way,
the Lord before me moves.
Though the earth despairs, I am not shaken.
Gladness overwhelms,
for in you I dwell secure.
I am not abandoned to the grave.

There is a fullness found in your presence,
pleasures that reach from glory to glory.

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