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Lead Me On (My Soul is Searching), June 2003
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

My very first song. And how fitting that I return to the words of this song often as I make my way through life on the 'faith journey'. I wrote this song after my first year of working in campus ministries at Central College in Pella, Iowa. I was torn about where God was calling me - whether or not to continue working there or to go back to school. Though I knew I was to leave Central two years before I did, my heart was tormented waiting for God to act. I am lead back to these same words often when I am lacking in faith, patience and feel insecure about his plan. It serves as a reminder of God's faithfulness to me in times of my doubt in God's action.

My soul is searching for right answers,
now more then ever before.
My heart is open to your guiding hand,
Jesus, lead me on.

Lead me on the path that you have chosen.
Lead me on your one true and holy way.
Lead me to the glory you have promised me.
Lead me, Jesus, lead me on.

You've brought me safe thus far, O Spirit, guide me;
my hand is outstretched.
Give light to my eyes, captivate my heart.
Jesus, lead me on.

How long must I wait for you, oh God.
How long must I long for your presence.

Lead me on...

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