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Just A Glimpse, June 11, 2007
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

Written on retreat at Clyde Convent in Clyde, MO. "Even the dogs receive crumbs from their master's table."

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Oh, for crumbs from the table of the one who is able
To satisfy the longing in my soul
For the chance to adorn with rich perfume poured upon you
To smell the fragrance of your robe and lose myself in awe

Just a glimpse of you
Just a glimpse would do
A ray of hope into this weary soul
Like a candlelight
Shines its fire in the night
Simple, yet profoundly burning
The smallest flame to light this journey
Jesus, just a glimpse of you

Touch your cloak with my own fingers, Rest beside you and just linger
To ask the burning questions of my heart
Hear your voice above the thunder, taste the essence of your wonder
To know the depth, the height, the width, the breadth of who you are


Can set my heart on fire... for you

Come set my heart on fire,
You know my one desire

Just a glimpse, just a glimpse of you...
Just one glimpse would do

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