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In Your Truth, March 19, 2005
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

Since starting seminary the fall of 2004, God has been revealing himself amazingly to me through His word. The deeper in I get, the more I long for the changing power that it has on my life, and the more I realize the power in what used to be just empty words.

V1 - Your hand has reached out on all of my life
Blessed me beyond immeasurable means
Spared my life from broken despair
And guided me to the fountain of truth...

V2 - The fountain of truth, O bathe me within
Immerse me within that ineffable flood
Teach me Lord, that I may know
The cleansing your blood has brought to my life...

In your truth is where you are, and where I long to be
In your truth, I find your love, overflowing like the oceans
In your truth, there is hope, a guide for all tomorrows
In your truth is where you are; draw me in and mold me there...
And mold me there.

V3 - The waters now flow to my head and my heart
Renewing cleanse for a daughter made pure
Still even now my heart cannot grasp
The innocence of that scarlet downpour.

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