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In Your Presence I Am Changed, July 8, 2010
Words and Music by Leah Carolan

I originally wrote these words as a re-write for the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". They will fit any tune to the D meter (minus the chorus). After writing them for a service a church, I decided they were worthy of their own tune and set forth to write it. I wanted to write something that would compel others to seek a deeper revelation of the holiness of God that comes after dwelling in His presence. And so it's written with a bit of urgency.

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Change my heart, O God, renew it, fill it with Thy love divine,
for I know without renewing, I would fall into decline.
Call me deeper into mercy, call me deeper into love.
As Your child You have called me into heavenly courts above.

In Your presence, I am changed.
I will never be the same.

Change my heart, O God, renew it, come and cleanse and make me whole.
Sanctify my very being, let Your light shine in my soul.
There's a place of greater calling where my ears incline to You.
Take my feeble, low devotion, grow it into something new.

Let Your glory fill my senses and Your fragrance fill this place.
Hear Your child seeking after greater glimpses of Your face.
As the angels sing Your glory, all of heaven fills with light.
Let my voice join with the ages, as I marvel at the sight.

Holy, holy is the Lord

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