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Here We Come, May 17, 2005
Words and Music by Leah Van Maaren

This song plays with different ideas of what God expects to us when we enter into a worship service and are preparing our hearts for an encounter with the divine.

Verse 1 - Abba Father, we come to you,
waiting for your presence now.
Speak to us, your holy people, gathered here to worship you.
Here we come, approach the throne, as your Body joined as One
Longing for your grace renown, fearful, love in joy resound

Verse 2 - Holy Spirit, we call to you. Light the fire in us again.
With your presence we draw near you, kindled in your holy flame.
Here we come, approach the throne, as your Children joined as one.
Hoping for your voice to sound, trembling in your presence now.

Verse 3 - Loving Savior, we approach you,
longing for your love's renown
Sinful people, we implore you, free us from our bondage now.
Here we come, approach the throne, freedom from the world we know.
Calling for your mercy now, ready for the truth to sound

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