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Flourish into Freedom (Isaiah 35)
Words and Music © 2012 Leah Carolan
April 15, 2012

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I wrote this song to be the theme for Cedar Hills Community Church's "Freedom to Flourish" capital campaign. It's taken on a couple different forms from the start of the series until now. There are actually two versions of the song. One is in hymn form, written for SATB. The recording here is for a worship team and has a completely different chord structure.

The imagery of the song is from Isaiah 35. The idea is to call forth the picture of flourishing that Isaiah presents. Because when this happens, the people are able to see the glory of God and there is great freedom in the midst.

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Spring up, O well within my soul,
flourish into freedom.
Let the parched and barren land
flourish into freedom.
Once again we fix our eyes upon the flowing Spring of Life.
O let the Church of Christ arise!

Flourish into freedom,
flourish into freedom.

The wilderness shall spring to life,
flourish into freedom,
great rejoicing fill the land,
flourish into freedom.
Water bursts now from the ground,
chains of thirstiness unbound
as all the saints lift up a shout!

Freedom for the blind to see,
freedom for the deaf to hear,
freedom for the lame to dance a dance of praise.
All the silent find their voice,
freed to raise a shout of joy,
resting in the promise of refreshing rains.

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