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Come Away, February 3, 2009
by Leah Van Maaren

Written as a reflection on the heart of Jesus in the Song of Solomon toward His beloved.

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Do you hear the voice of love
Crying for His spotless bride
For her eyes to gaze on Him?
It's the song of the Lamb
Eternal romance, breathed to life
In the wooing of the King, (He sings)

"My beloved,
let your heart return to me
And you'll discover Truth to bind captivity
The wine of this world
will only drown away the song,"
He's singing, "Come away, come away,
come away my beloved with Me."

Do you hear the voice of praise?
Every rock and hill cries out
It's the groaning of the age.
All the earth can sing its tune
Eternal romance, come to life
In the wooing of the King (He sings)

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