Advanced computer skills: including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Frontpage, Publisher; graphics design and photo editing; movie and sound recording; Finale.
Basic Sound systems and setup
Music Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Voice, Clarinet, Djembe
Web Page Design: MS Script Editor, HTML code, FTP, and CSS Script
State of Iowa Teaching License: Music Education, with certifications in K-12 General Music, Choir, Orchestra, and Band

  • Journaling and blogging
  • Computer graphics and web-design
  • Writing and recording music
  • Singing really loud in my living room to the piano
  • Singing classical music (listen)
  • Sewing personalized sweatshirts and
  • Watching Star Trek Voyager

    Random Facts:
  • I name my guitars. I currently own 'Connie' and 'Maxine'
  • I drive a little pickup truck named 'Puddle'
  • I love ethnic foods, especially Thai made with ginger or coconut
  • I love coffee - especially the Canadian store chain, Tim Hortons